Legal Notice & Safety

All aromas featured in ThePopperShop are strictly room aromas and room odourisers and are not intended for direct inhalation.  They are designed to give rooms and spaces a pleasant aroma.  Please note that you must be over 18 years old to make purchases from our website.

How to use

1. Open the childproof lid by twisting it anti-clockwise whilst pushing downwards.

2. Leave bottle exposed to the air out of reach of children.  Pleasant aromas will slowly develop.

-  DO NOT inhale direct from bottle
-  DO NOT swallow
-  Avoid contact with skin
-  Highly flammable - keep away from fire and naked flames
-  Keep out of reach of children

Manufacture instructions: Remove cap, allow to stand out of reach of children, aromas will develop.

Please follow the safety precautions when using any product purchased from our website.  ThePopperShop will not be liable for any injury or accidents caused as a result of misusage.